Testing Brand and Company source post

CHAD Spec – Phase 1.1




In this phase of CHAD, the primary functionality for the article source selector, admin reporting section and notifications system will be built. These features are the main functionality of CHAD and are extremely important.


Feature Breakdown / Details


Phase 1.1 – Article Source Selector Plugin


Source Selector – Post Editor

Build the Speednik plugin that will be used to allow editor’s to select (or add) one or more sources for an article.  (In Progress)


Source Box – Front End

Update the article template to display the article source data using the new selection method.

(In Progress)


Source Updates

Create a script to update all prior articles to use the new article source format and populate the brand_mentions data table with all prior article-source data and calculate the mention_score using the rules according to this spec.


NEW – Source Information

The original spec called for a Company Name, Website, Phone, and Email for the source entry. There should also be a Contact Name and Email (up to 5, with at least one mandatory). Additionally, the Phone number should be added as a required field when adding a source. All fields marked * should be required fields.

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