An ultraviolet Mopar creation named,“Ultra Violent”, is the masterpiece of Ray Chance. Ultra Violent is brought to Street Legal TV through as a winner of the May MOPAR Madness contest, featuring the hottest MOPARS on the scene. Chance, who resides in Arkansas City, Kansas, set out to create this work of art in 2011.

Upon purchase of the 2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10, Chance wasted no time beginning the customization and modification of this beast. He’s tackled and conquered prior build projects, then took the skill, blood, sweat, and tears that he had acquired from previous builds and poured everything he had into Ultra Violent.

He gained his love for Mopar early on, tinkering in the garage with the family 1969 Dodge Charger that had become neglected. Breathing new life into the old ride, Chance acquired the addiction for builds and customization. Then he took his new-found addiction a step further when he enrolled in technical school for automotive repair, sealing his fate as a full-fledged automobile junkie.

Prior to Ultra Violent, Chance took on a full bumper to bumper build of a 1995 Dakota and a 2005 Dakota, laying the foundation for his latest masterpiece. While working at a small Dodge dealership, he had the opportunity to ride in a brand new Ram SRT-10. Mesmerized by the ride, and knew he had to have one. A few years later when finances would allow, the time came for him to obtain his dream ride.

With his dream ride in his sights, he had to make the decision of what year and what color he would select. With a vision in mind, he arrived at the ’06 Ram SRT-10 and color of choice was “Mineral Gray”. He chose 2006 primarily for the color, as mineral gray was only offered during that model year. Site unseen he purchased the SRT-10 online. A bit unnerved, having never purchased and automobile online, upon arrival Chance’s worry quickly went away when he saw before him the beautiful beast.

He quickly went to work to bring the vision to reality. Starting with the exterior, and wanting to stay with the Ultra Violent theme, he added purple LEDs from bumper to bumper, exhaust tips were replaced with double wall slash cut tips to give it a mean rumble. Next, SRT-10 badges were color changed from red to purple, and purple “Viper” badges were added. Finishing off the exterior accents Chance added a bed rug in the bed of the truck, as well as under rail bed lighting and purple lights on the upper edges and GTX RAM-style stripes in purple vinyl were added.

Moving to the interior, Chance went all out in creating a unique look staying true to the Ultra Violent theme. Beginning with custom airbrushing done on the dash and center console, and included all of the interior trim pieces he could, like the shifter bezel, and door panel inserts. The custom designed gauge face from Black Cat Customs was installed, and LED upgrades were done to the cluster.

A purple and black leather steering wheel had the steering emblem replaced with a “Fangs” Viper piece, while interior lighting was switched to purple LED from Mopar Kicker speakers and amplifier were installed in the dash and door locations to give the ride a sick sound system, and setting this ride off even further, a Pioneer flip out screen head unit with DVD/NAV was added.  

Landing in the Engine Bay this beast is powered with an 8.3L 505 cu. in. Viper V10 pushing out 505 HP and 515 Torque. Taking the power to an even more violent, level a JTSVP under drive crank pulley, a large throttle body and upgraded ignition coils and wires were added. The Dyno tune with SCT tuner was completed by Torrie of Unleashed Performance. Prior to transformation, Ultra Violent was bone stock other than the muffler that had been replaced with straight pipes, and a leveling kit that was installed. This ride has gone through a sick transformation with the end result being nothing less than “Violently Impressive”.

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