Speednik.com projects

1966 NOVA: Project MaxStreet

When you think of MaxStreet, think of the Ultimate Muscle Car. We’re looking to build the ultimate Friday night bruiser here with our 1966 Nova. Fully street worthy, can turn corners and run 10s on the track.

275 DRAG RADIAL CAMARO: Project BlownZ

BlownZ is our 275 Drag Radial 4th-gen Camaro. Backed by an LSX Small Block with a ProCharger F1-X-12, we’re working hard to be a title contender in the NMCA Street Outlaw class with low 7-second passes.

1991 FOX BODY: Project Rehab 2.0

Project Rehab 2.0 is our in-house 1991 Fox body Mustang project designed for street/strip use, but on a budget. The original Project Rehab was a 1988 model that we were restoring for street, track, and daily driver.

1971 DODGE DART: Project Bull-Z-Eye

Project “Bull-Z-Eye” began life as just that: a project car. It was purchased as a daily driver, received some maintenance, and then began the slow process of transforming the Dart into a street / strip cruiser.

1965 PLYMOUTH BELVEDERE II: Project Track Attack

The Belvedere began life as a cruiser, attending car shows and being driven to work frequently.
Initially those were the only plans for the car, but then one day it happened: a track day at Willow Springs.

1969 CAMARO: Project Blank Slate

First generation Camaros, especially 1969 Camaros have been a road racing favorite for years. Highly popular and successful in the SCCA series, our Project Blank slate is inspired by the SCCA cars.

1991 CAMARO RS: Project Respect

With a small budget being the biggest priority, we started out on Project Respect with a 1991 Camaro RS. We picked this car up for $1500 and are turning the Camaro into a car you would Respect.

2000 CORVETTE COUPE: Project Y2K

Our mission with Project Y2k is to take America’s Sports Car and make it better on a blue collar budget, turning this decade-old platform into a car that’s good at a little bit of everything.

1950 CHEVY FLEETLINE: Project Tiger’s Eye

Project Tiger’s Eye was taken on by Rod Authority’s editor, Andrew Almazan, to gauge tenacity and determination in the face of a true challenge–resurrecting an iconic vehicle from the graveyard. Picked up for $600 and protected only by the Arizona desert that filmed every nook and cranny Project Tiger’s Eye …

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