Dragzine 2017 Projects

2008 CORVETTE C6: Project C6

While the C7 might be at center stage, the previous-generation C6 Corvette represents a tremendous platform for modification, and with clean, low-mile examples available at reasonable prices, you might even call it a performance bargain.

Our own pet Corvette has some choice upgrades, from wheels and tires to long-tube headers and a performance exhaust. We even added more whoa to match the go with aftermarket brakes as well. The C6 was terrific right off the showroom floor, but we’ve proven that with a little help from the dozens of companies making go-fast parts for America’s sports car, it can be even better.

Project Specs

Vehicle: 2008 Corvette Coupe
Engine: 6.2l LS3
Power Adder: All-Motor, VaraRam Intake, Kooks long tube headers and Corsa exhaust
Transmission: Factory Tremec TR-6060
Front Suspension: Stock transverse leaf, Baer Extreme Plus 6-piston monoblock calipers and 14 inch 2-piece rotors
Rear Suspension: Stock transverse
Wheels: Forgeline SS3P
Tires: Toyo

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