Dragzine 2017 Projects

1950 CHEVY FLEETLINE: Project Tiger’s Eye

Project Tiger’s Eye was taken on by Rod Authority’s editor, Andrew Almazan, to gauge tenacity and determination in the face of a true challenge–resurrecting an iconic vehicle from the graveyard. Picked up for $600 and protected only by the Arizona desert that filmed every nook and cranny Project Tiger’s Eye represents just that, the ferocity, passion, and determination that shade-tree builders and forefathers of kustom kulture exhibit when giving a car new life.
Project Tiger’s Eye is being built in vein of traditional 50s kustoms and approached with the same subtle aesthetics that Japan’s kustom scene has mastered. The objective is to create a big-bodied cruiser that is both elegant and intimidating on the road; instead of pinstriping, flat black body paint will be contrasted by floral-style filigree inspired by art nouveau and opulence of the Baroque era.
The drivetrain and suspension are being updated with an AK-47 mentality; simple, streamlined, reliable, and hardy. The 350 small block will be completely rebuilt to bring her back to “0” and the suspension will be updated to handle prolonged daily driving conditions. Project Tiger’s Eye is a build that honors the ingenuity and creative passion associated with the most respected individuals on this side of the automotive spectrum. It is our contribution to keeping alive the tradition of giving classics a second life.


Project Specs

Vehicle: 1950 Chevrolet Fleetline 4-door
Build style: 50s kustom, luxury power-cruiser
Engine: 350 Small Block Chevy/.030 Over, Tuff Stuff alternator, water pump, and starter
Transmission: B&M TBD
Front Suspension: TCI ’49-’54 IFS, RideTech Suspension
Rear Suspension: Gambino Kustoms Taildragger Kit: c-notch, triangulated 4-link

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